What should my first chart reading be?
All newcomers should have a natal (birth) chart reading done first. Most astrologers will also address progressions and transits as part of a natal chart reading and may discuss your solar return chart, as well.


How long does a reading take?
A reading can last around 1 hour or 30 minutes, depending on the type of chart.


I’ve done my natal chart. What’s next?
In the astrological charts section, you can learn about each kind of chart reading, but rest assured that whatever kind of chart you do, our astrologers will take a holistic look at all the astrological influences. If you have specific questions or concerns, you can mention them in the form you’ll fill out when booking your chart.


Do I need to know the exact time I was born?
For greatest accuracy, please provide the exact time of birth as stated on your birth certificate or hospital records. If you are unsure of the time, we can still calculate a solar chart. Even without an exact time of birth, your chart reading will still reveal a wealth of useful information.


What is required for a synastry chart?
For a synastry (composite) chart, both parties must provide the same information as they would for a natal chart reading. In fact, we recommended that each party has their own natal chart reading with a kabbalistic astrologer first. Further, please provide the place where the two of you met.


Please note that we require the consent of both parties to do a comparison/synastry chart reading.


What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation notice must be provided more than 24 hours prior to the reading or the booking fee may not be refunded. No credits are provided for missed or late appointments.


What if I’m interested in a specific area of my life, such as my career, relationships, etc.?
Prior to your reading, please provide any questions, anything specific you would like to know or any particular areas of focus you are interested in. Upon booking your chart, you will be asked to complete a form with the required information, including any specific areas of your life you’d like to learn more about.


Will I receive a recording of my chart reading?
A recording of the reading will be sent within one to two weeks of your appointment. Please note that recordings are not always guaranteed due to technical issues.


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